Mobile Payments for Application store

Publication date: 2022-08-16

Mobile Payments for Application store
Development and implementation of mobile online payments in the Kazakhstan market for one of the world's largest telecommunications corporations using Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) technology.

In 2019, due to the "economic war," the US government imposed special export control rules on some Chinese technology companies, causing them to lose the ability to install Google mobile apps on their devices by default. There was a need to develop their own alternative software. PayGate helped build an online payment system using mobile user accounts for all transactions within the newly created "Application store."

Provide the maximum number of mobile operator subscribers in Kazakhstan with the ability to make mobile payments in the "Application store" service.

PayGate's huge advantage is its long-standing history of working with all mobile operators in Kazakhstan, which significantly saved time on three-party communication and technical implementation. From the moment of the first discussion of the project mechanics to its full launch, it took just under a year. Only two months were spent on technical implementation. Six specialists from PayGate were involved in the working group: an account manager, two operational managers, a technical specialist, a financier, and a lawyer. One of the payment flow's features is its non-standard configuration for the market - usually, Kazakh operators use web pin (when payment is confirmed by an SMS code for each purchase), but in this case, the user first needs to link their phone number to their personal account, and all subsequent transactions are executed in a non-acceptance way (semi-automatically), which significantly saves time and reduces the payment flow. At the first stage, one-time payments were launched, and then the functionality was expanded to recurring payments by subscription.

Kazakhstan residents got the opportunity to pay for all their purchases in the "Application store" not only with a bank card but also from the mobile account of the largest mobile operators in the country. One of the main advantages of this payment method (DCB) is its anonymity - there is no need to share your bank details with the application. The client increased the coverage of his service to 70% of Kazakhstan's subscribers, with the technical possibility of expanding it to 100%.

Author: Paygate

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