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Welcome to the official page of the Compliance Controller of PayGate LLP, hereinafter referred to as the Payment Organization.

To comply with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign states that affect the activities of the Payment Organization, as well as with the internal documents regulating the provision of Payment Organization services and the conduct of operations in the financial market, procedures have been organized within the Payment Organization.

The goal of compliance control in the Payment Organization is to prevent possible violations, eliminate the consequences, and address the causes of their occurrence.

The Compliance Controller is responsible for monitoring and coordinating compliance risk management.

If you become aware of facts indicating that Payment Organization employees violated the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the internal documents of the Payment Organization, or if you become aware of corrupt actions (abuse of power, giving or receiving bribes, intermediation in bribery, commercial bribery, illegal use of official position), or if you become aware of complicity in money laundering/financing of terrorism, assistance in circumventing the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation on combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds obtained by criminal means and the financing of terrorism, involving Payment Organization employees, you can report it directly to the Compliance Controller by sending a message to the following email address:


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